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      Free rides make a difference

      It was another successful New Year's Eve as Charter Celebration Buses, City Cab, Escanaba Taxi, and JN Taxi all volunteered their time to ensure that those who had a little too much to drink stayed safe and stayed off the roads.

      Tom Grant, Manager of JN Taxi, says he saw a 25 percent increase this year. That's a little over 450 people who got a free ride. JN Taxi received over 200 calls, and there's a special reason the cab company has been on board for 13 of those years.

      "I keep telling people, it's the one night that taxi drivers really feel that they shine. We're taking a lot of people off the roads that're drinking and driving. If it wasn't for Liferides, I don't know if I would've stuck around taxi driving years ago. They've really made a difference to me," said Grant.

      Liferides is sponsored by OSF and the Island Resort and Casino.