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      Freestyle riding show cut short after accident

      Over 100 teenagers came out to watch a freestyle riding show outside of Felch at the Sick Air complex on Wednesday afternoon. Many of the teens are working with Teen Serve in the area and had the chance to watch Scott Murray freestyle ride on his bike.

      Unfortunately, the show was cut short after Murray injured his foot in one of the jumps.

      â??Everything felt really good; I went for a tail-whip and the wind caught ahold of me, kind of pushed me back a little too far the other way,â?? said Murray. â??The resi-landing grabbed ahold of my toe and ripped it off the foot peg. It kind of twisted it around really bad, and I felt a good-sized crunch inside there.â??

      Murray said he was grateful to be able to do some of the show for the teens who are helping out in his community. Sick Air will be having a large show coming up on September 7 at 6 p.m.