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      Freezin' for a reason

      Seventh graders from Father Marquette Middle School trekked their way to Harlow Park in Marquette Tuesday and shed their winter gear, for a cause.

      Seventh grade teacher Laura Anderton said her class jumped at the opportunity to be "Freezin' for a Reason." That's because it raises awareness about people unable to pay their heating bills.

      The class gathered pledges from family and friends for every hour they spent outside "freezin'" and set a goal for themselves of $1,300, using their newly acquired math skills.

      Seventh grader Sterling Wright said, "It feels pretty good to help other people."

      Seventh grader Clare Belkowski said, "It feels great, it's a really good experience and I'm having a blast!"

      Anderton said, "Service learning is a large component of our curriculum, and this gives them an opportunity to really learn some of the needs of our communities."

      The students made graphs and charts to determine pledge amounts. They also made posters and cardboard "houses" to try and get people to notice.

      The money raised goes to St. Vincent de Paul's Community Assistance Fund.