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      Freezing rain leads to slippery roads

      Cold temperatures and rain can create a very dangerous combination. Freezing rain in Tuesday's forecast caused motorists to be extra careful while driving.

      "When there's freezing rain on the road, I generally try not to drive more than 20 miles an hour. I try to go a little bit less than that. I try to keep a safe distance from other cars. It's a safety factor for me. I try to follow all road rules," said John Olson, motorist.

      Gary Gallup is the lead worker at the L'Anse Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) garage. His day starts at four in the morning. He clears the highways before commuters head out onto the roads.

      With a full load of salt in the truck, it was time to take a trip down M -38.

      "The rain started after we got to work, and it started to freeze up on us pretty much right after we got to work. This side is wet and then that side is fuzzy, and that's where your freezing rain is," said Gallup.

      Four workers maintain four different routes. Their goal is to keep the roads clear, especially on a day with freezing rain.

      With the press of a button, Gallup can release salt onto the road. A solution is added to the salt to help it stick.

      "We can monitor the temperature so we kind of know what our road is doing. If our temperature's dropping, we know that we're going to get some ice," Gallup said.

      The MDOT office says salting the roads reduces the accident rate by 88 percent.