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      Fresh Break serves it up

      The owners of the Border Grill restaurants have opened up a new restaurant in the Peninsula Medical Building in Marquette. The Fresh Break Cafe opened up last December in the lower floors of Peninsula Medical. They feature soups, specialty sandwiches, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. To get input on their menu items, the owners consulted physicians in the building and decided to gear the menu towards healthy diet options.

      "We definitely try to stick more towards the eating right lifestyle. We have a couple of options for people that don't really care, but for the most part, fresh fruits, we try to do the whole grain breads, vegetables, all that good stuff," said General Manager Elijah Lea. "So the people that do come in here, they know about us so it's kind of their little gem."

      The Fresh Break is open to anyone. Their hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. They are working on a website, but for now you can check out their Facebook page by clicking here.