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      Fresh powder piles on Bohemia

      It's the last day in December, and Keweenaw County has racked up a total of 122.5 inches of snow just this month and 151 inches for the season.

      Mount Bohemia has recorded almost 170 inches of snow this season, making it the snowiest ski resort in the country to date according to This year, the hills opened nearly a month and a half earlier than last year.

      â??As much as itâ??s nice to be open in April, a lot of people down in the cities are playing golf by then, or sailing, or something else,â?? said Mount Bohemia President, Lonie Glieberman. â??So, December is a much more important month. It's more of a ski demand month.â??

      Keweenaw County's website shows the snow total for December 2012 was just 20 inches and 45 for the season by the end of the year, causing business at Bohemia to suffer.

      All the snow accumulated this year makes the hill's natural powder and ungroomed trails a prime resort and hidden treasure.

      â??The standards on the hill are fantastic,â?? said Madison, Wisconsin resident, Ken Taylor. â??It's really great expert terrain.â??

      â??We have a lot of natural terrain, chutes, cliff drops, and tree skiing,â?? Glieberman added.

      Though many trails are at the expert level, there are plenty of activities for all skill levels, including snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

      â??This is just a great family place to come,â?? said Houghton resident, Ben Kangas. â??Me and a couple kids came out here, and weâ??re skiing together.â??

      â??It's unmatched. There is no comparison,â?? said Dearborn, Michigan resident, Robert McFarlane. â??The camaraderie, the snow, the terrain, the people, everything. It's so much different than your typical ski resort.â??

      Though the hill was still opened by May 5 last year, they aren't expecting the same conditions this year. If December is any indication of the rest of the season, they could be looking at their best year yet.

      â??We don't want to jinx it,â?? Glieberman said. â??So, who knows what the rest of the year holds. It's like a football team--we take it one week at a time, but right now it's great.â??