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      Friday search brings no findings for Flight 370

      AP Photo

      Itâ??s been a full two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing.

      On Friday, the search off of the western coast of Australia continued, but without any findings. The projected search area is roughly 1,500 miles off the coast of Australia. This makes it extremely hard for crews to search before having to turn around for refueling their own aircraft.

      Another problem: the black boxes. The mechanisms only have about two and a half weeks of battery left before their pinging signals cease. A local flight mechanic in Iron Mountain explained the life expectancy of the black boxes.

      â??After a certain time, the battery just dies,â?? said mechanic Tim Lawler. â??Theyâ??re looking for the flight data recorder which is good for about 30 days, the battery life when that thing starts pinging. What it does is that there's a signal in there that once it gets in water, it starts sending out the signal."

      NBC reported the US military has spent $2.5 million in the search so far, and they've budgeted $4 million in total.