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      Friends still search for justice in 14 year old murder case

      Fourteen years later, Erin Taylor is still remembered, even if her murder is unsolved.

      Erin went missing for nine days before her body was found in the woods near County Road 492 in 2000. Friends of Erin have erected a memorial near the site to keep Erin's memory alive. They return every year in hopes that Erin's case will be solved and justice will be served.

      "I feel because she did so much for me, I need to do this for her," says Erin's best friend Bonnie Dowd. "I need to keep this out there, I need to get this solved, I need justice. We need justice."

      Bonnie is meeting with police to see if there is any new evidence in the case. Bonnie also wants to set up a fund to pay for information in the case.