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      Frisbee dog Davy Whippet wows crowd at Guts Frisbee tournament

      Making an appearance at the Guts Frisbee tournament at Agassiz Field in Calumet was Davy Whippet the Frisbee dog and his trainer, Rob McLeod. Davy holds the Guinness world record for longest flying disc throw caught by a dog at 402 feet. Davy is five and a half years old and a purebred Whippet. The pair put on a great show for spectators at the tournament.

      â??They are having a good timeâ?? said Rob McLeod, Davyâ??s trainer. â??They are going to remember him running that far and him outrunning the disc. So they are going to remember him being an amazing athlete and that is what I want. If I am throwing bad throws, then I donâ??t get to showcase his athleticism and I have failed as a thrower.â??

      Davy also holds two other world records and four world championships. McLeod holds three Guinness world records on his own, one of which is for longest flying disc throw, run and catch while on ice skates at 240 feet.