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      From deacon to priest

      The Marquette Catholic Diocese ordained a new priest at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette Friday afternoon.

      Deacon Marty Flynn took the next step in his religious life by becoming a priest. Flynn came to this decision a little later in life than most do. He first heard a calling to the priesthood at the age of 31. Now he's 46 years old. He says his calling was more subtle than he hoped for.

      "I wanted that big fireworks in the sky or the sign that 'this is what you should do.' But it was like, instead of the fireworks it was like this small little sparkler, but it just kept burning and burning and burning so it was like this constant calling on my heart," said Flynn.

      Flynn says his experience shows you're never too old to choose religious life. He will be assigned to Menominee to serve as a priest.