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      From one gym to another

      A United States Olympic Education Center athlete has switched from one sport to another, but it hasn't slowed down her determination.

      Vanessa McCoy moved to Marquette two years ago to train at the USOEC at NMU. Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas, she grew up her whole life a gymnast and track star and has used those skills in her transition to becoming a professional weightlifter.

      "I think with gymnastics, although it is graceful and very technical and you have to work on form, you have to be very strong and powerful. There is a lot of condition required, and in track, so much of it is conditioning. I think it translated very well to weightlifting," said McCoy.

      While she may have done something that was very smooth and graceful, weightlifting is tough and challenging.

      "Weightlifting has just given me a real drive and desire to become the best person that I can. It's constantly challenging. You always have a goal that you are working towards, and anytime you accomplish that goal, you set that one higher. It's really pushed me as an individual, not only in sport, but also in life," Vanessa added.

      She did watch the 2012 Olympic games in London, and watching her country compete this summer gave her an inspirational reminder of what's ahead in her life.

      "It does motivate me. I plan on being in 2016, and it really just gives me that drive to remember what I am training for everyday in the gym to keep my focus and to keep moving forward," McCoy explained.

      Gymnastics has never left her blood. She plans to open a gymnastics academy to a deserving community in the near future. She lives by the saying, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."