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      From the City Commission to the State House

      There were a number of local of races being watched closely Tuesday. One of them was the race for the 109th District House seat.

      Democrat John Kivela won the race, taking 58 percent of the vote. After taking 41 percent of the vote, Republican Jack Hubbard says he's leaving politics to focus on his logging business. Kivela says he plans to focus on job creation and education when he gets to Lansing.

      "This has been an incredible year-and-a-half run, and I certainly couldn't have done it without all of the hundreds of volunteers that have helped me through all of this. They've believed in me, and I thank them so much. I really look forward to serving the central Upper Peninsula," said Kivela. Kivela has left for orientation in Lansing. The four-term Marquette mayor will preside over the city's last commission meeting next week. That's where the new commission will vote on Kivela's successor.