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      Frontier Medical Devices is gaining momentum

      It's hard to believe that a company with only 15 employees can have a major impact in the world, but that's what Frontier Medical Devices in Sawyer is attempting to do in the world of medical devices. The company specializes in making tools and implants for spinal surgery. The goal is to make it as painless as possible.

      "At the facility here we produce both the implant and the tools used in the surgery. So the device is for minimally invasive correction of spinal disorders," said John Sonderegger, Chief Financial Officer of Frontier Medical Devices.

      Frontier Medical Devices was founded only about four years ago in collaboration with Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Matthew Songer. Initially, the company was a pretty small operation. Now, their products are distributed worldwide and they have moved into a bigger location.

      "When we first founded we just began with a Post Office Box, but we began this lease just about four years ago this spring," said Sonderegger.

      As the company has grown in the last few years, there is no sign of slowing down.

      "Dr. Songer and I founded the company four years ago with several ideas to bring products to patients to improve patient care," said Sonderegger.

      As long as improvements to surgery are needed, Frontier Medical Devices will continue to find ways of making it less invasive.