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      Frozen pets

      The Delta Animal Shelter has been receiving stray pets who are suffering from frostbite. For some, it means the tips of their ears have fallen off after being frozen.

      "King" has had his ears scabbed from being out in the cold. The frozen tips eventually fell off.

      The assistant shelter manager says many people do turn in the strays who are obviously homeless and freezing. But she has suggestions for pet owners as well.

      "If there's a heated barn, even a heated garage with a cat door where they can get in and out of the wind, that would probably be the best solution to a cat that insists on staying outside. Dogs, if they're going to be outside in a dog house at this time of the year, it pretty much has to be heated to keep them safe," said Delta Shelter Assistant Manager, Mary Gail Blasier.

      If you do see a stray out in the cold, call the shelter first to see what their cage availability is.