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      Frozen water pipes are becoming more common

      What if you had to rely on your neighbor's hose to supply water to your house? That's what is happening to a few people in L'Anse.

      Water lines are freezing outside of homes, and in some instances, the only way to get water into the house is through a neighborâ??s hose. While running a hose to the house seems a little over the top, it isn't the worst case scenario.

      "Now we have a couple people that, as of the time we speak today, are in other dwellings because there's no one that will bring their equipment out in these conditions to do the work needed to be done," said Scott Lloyd, Water Distribution Supervisor of L'Anse.

      To make matters worse, some of the new water lines are made of plastic which makes it nearly impossible to thaw.

      "There's no way they can provide that continuity and get enough heat into that line because the plastic's not a conductor, so they're basically going to be out of water until late spring," Lloyd said.

      L'Anse, among other cities and villages, have advised residents that have had frozen pipes before, or others that are at risk of freezing, to run water out of a faucet. Opening a faucet ensures that water is continually flowing and is less likely to freeze a pipe.

      "They say about a pencil thickness would be an adequate amount to keep it from freezing, and you have to run that continuously," Lloyd explained.

      Shutting the water off for any length of time can be costly because a pipe can freeze in a matter of minutes.

      If you know where the water line runs outside of your house, try not to run over it with a car and leave snow on the ground, even if that area is normally shoveled.

      Your water lines might just thank you later.