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      Fun fair frenzy at the Gogebic County Fair

      Walking in, you hear riders racing at the motocross track. At the entrance, people gathered to see the antique tractor parade.

      Dan Martinson, the coordinator for the show, says it's a great time to showcase their equipment.

      "What tractors use to look like, the equipment. Show people what the equipment used to look like many years ago and how it works," said Martinson.

      It's the 91st Annual Gogebic County Fair. There's a calm atmosphere, and everyone's just enjoying the day.

      "The food is great...I mean the food is fantastic! There's so much going on. The band was phenomenal on Friday. The exhibition in the barn are great to look at. There's always something going on," said Marlene Holden.

      It's the second year they held a pie auction. This year there were 26 pies cooked. All proceeds will go to improving the fairgrounds.

      The petting zoo was a must stop spot for little kids, with all types of animals from ponies to ostriches.

      Tina Romosz, Gogebic County Fair Secretary, says it's a year-long project.

      "Many, many, many hours of volunteer work. Our board puts on a lot of extra work improving the grounds. For many people in the area, this is the one event that they go to for the year. So everyone looks forward to it every year," said Romosz.

      And what's a fair without the rides? There were twenty different rides, something for everyone.

      The fair wrapped up with a bull riding show at the rodeo followed by a fireworks show. ã??ã??