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      Fun with frosting

      Children were covered in frosting at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center in Escanaba. Kids of all ages were invited to the annual gingerbread house decorating event.

      The registration fee included the house making kits, candy and frosting. More than three gallons of frosting and 40 pounds of candy were used by the 60 registered kids. Some of the children enjoyed eating the candy, while others preferred to put it on their gingerbread house using frosting.

      Each house was unique and used a variety of candy.??I made a gingerbread house,?? said 10-year-old Breeanna Gestwicki. ??And on the roof I put the little circle candies and I outlined them with licorice. I'm still deciding what to do with my tree.

      For more information about upcoming events, visit the Bonifas Fine Arts Center website.