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      Funding for Marquette Ball Drop

      The New Year is just days away, and the Marquette Downtown Development Authority has been hard at work securing funds for the event.

      Five years ago, the city began charging for its services for the ball drop, and funding for the event needed to come from private sources.

      The cost to host the event is between $2,500 and $3,000 for such things as personnel to close the streets and police protection.

      Five local businesses donated the funds needed, and JP Electric will be providing the electrical work for the ball drop.

      "It's one of those events that really brings the community together; it's a community-building event, and one of those type of events that I believe that helps us receive some of the awards that we get," said Mona Lang of the Downtown Development Authority.

      The DDA wants to remind residents the ball drop is a family-friendly event and that no open alcohol is allowed.