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      Fundraiser helps support fire victims

      Joey's Seafood is teaming up with Michigan Tech's Triangle Fraternity to support Heritage Manor residents who were displaced by fire.

      The charity is Tuesday night. Before you receive your bill, you'll need to mention Heritage Manor or Triangle Fraternity.

      ??Everybody was able to see the damages that happened, but I think everybody was able to hear about it. They know that everybody had to move out of their homes,?? said Triangle Fraternity member Brett Billington. "So I think if they were able to come out and help support us, we'd be able to help them move back in, make it a lot easier for them, and if they support us in just dining here on a Tuesday night, as you would anywhere else, they can know that their money is going to help them.??

      Forty-one residents had to move out of their apartments after the fire. Twenty percent of your bill will be donated to the fire victims.