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      Fundraisers set for Braumart Theatre renovations

      The Braumart Theatre is a special part of Iron Mountainâ??s history, but if not taken care of, it will simply begin to fade. Some community members, however, are choosing not to stand by and watch that happen.

      â??Weâ??re at the crucial point,â?? says supporter Duane Peck. â??If we cannot get this moving in a direction that we need to go, we're going to be spinning our wheels, and like so many projects of good intent that are not totally pushed forward and supported, they kind of wither on the vine. That is not going to happen on this project.â??

      That determination is what led the Friends of the Braumart group to come together to help bring back the Braumart. â??Our current focus for right now is the purchase of the building,â?? Peck said. â??We have been very carefully, and almost silently, working undercover doing the things that are necessary.â??

      Back in 1927 when the Braumart was originally constructed, its total cost was a bit under $250,000. Now, however, the Friends of the Braumart needs between five and seven million dollars to not only purchase the building, but to make sure there are enough funds for all the renovations.

      Once the purchase of the theatre is out of the way and the funds roll in, the group can move forward with the larger project. â??Weâ??re going to be a cultural arts center which is embracing all of the arts which is giving focus and giving thrust to the economics as well as the social aspects of the community,â?? Peck said.

      The largest obstacle for the group right now: funds. Thatâ??s why they've organized a set of fundraisers for the month of August to get the project moving. The events range from art shows and concerts, to raffles and auctions.

      For more information on the fundraisers and how you can help bring back the Braumart, visit their website.