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      Funds needed to keep glacial copper on display in Marquette

      The world's largest single piece of glacial copper, currently on display in Marquette, could soon go elsewhere unless enough money is raised.

      The copper was found by two men in Hancock in 1997. The Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, working with the Superior Watershed Partnership, reached a deal with the owners to display the geologic wonder in Marquette.

      That deal will soon run out. The AAPS has set up an account with the Marquette County Community Foundation with the goal of preserving the copper in its current location.

      "It is a physical tangible evidence of the tradition of mining and minerals in this region of the Upper Peninsula and we are seeking to try to keep the copper here, at least keep it from getting broken up and we need donations," says Charles A. DuCharme of AAPS.

      The society needs to reach a goal of more than $250,000. Currently they've raised about $50,000.

      If you'd like to make a donation to the account, you visit their website .