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      Funds used to beautify picnic that overlooks mine pit

      A fund in Iron Mountain has been used to beautify the city.

      The Lilja Fund was set up by Madge Lilja and has been used for many different projects, including beautifying the Chapin Pit picnic site.

      The site, which overlooks the mine pit, has been selected by chair members of the fund for improvements. One improvement is the construction of the gazebo, set to imitate a historic mine shaft.

      As of now, the general picnic area has been worked on, but plans for trees, flowers, and trail improvements are in the works.

      "People just dumped stuff there for years and years...old bottles, and tins, and bedsprings, and whatever, it just went off the edge of that dump," said chair member Marsha Bonicatto.

      The Lilja Fund has beautified areas of the city including the library, cemetery park, and city park at no expense to the taxpayer. Members of the fund say that they're also working alongside the city for appropriate permissions.