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      Furious fisherman

      Two men fishing legally off of Hollar's property

      Having beautiful riverfront property in a prime fishing location can come with some burdens. Rodney Hollar lives on the Menominee River near the Hattie Street Bridge. He is having issues with trespassing and property destruction.

      Hollar believes it is ignorance and disrespect that is leading to his issues. He said some people are under the impression his property line ends 15 feet before the river, but that is not the case. He said in order for the fishing to be legal in front of his property, fishermen must be in the water. Once they step foot on the bank, they are trespassing.

      Beer cans, fishing line, and cigarette butts are all a part of Hollarâ??s daily clean up. But the problem is, itâ??s not his mess. The trespassing fishermen are leaving their garbage behind for Hollar to clean up.

      â??Iâ??m sick of fighting everybodyâ??s garbage,â?? said Hollar. â??Iâ??ve got grandkids, Iâ??ve got pets. And I just donâ??t want that mess or the grandkids or the dog to get tangled up in the line or get hurt.â??

      Hollar enjoys the sport, and likes seeing the fishermen successful. He said he doesnâ??t mind people using his property, he just wishes people would ask his permission first. He also hopes the guests will clean up after themselves.

      Hollar said he will continue to call the police to report trespassers and the DNR to report fishermen taking home more fish than legally allowed.