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      Furnishing your apartment on a budget

      Students will be heading back to college this coming week and moving into an apartment. However, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to furnish it.

      You are on a budget, but still need to furnish your pad? Buying used can save you more than you think.

      "If we had a new item; a new item would be 50 percent of retail. So right there you're saving 50 percent of whatever a new item would be. But other items are marked down according to usage and condition of it," said Bob Howe, Habitat Restore Director.

      At Habitat Restore, all of their furnishings are donated and restored. They have all the items needed for a bed including headboards, springs, and the frame.

      You can also get a desk starting at $25. The money you spend goes to a good cause.

      "Their purchase helps build homes, helps put someone who's living in substandard housing in Marquette county into a house. All of the funds that they spend here stay in Marquette County," Howe added.

      Another spot to try is St. Vincent De Paul. They have those big items like sofas and dressers. Everything they have is donated and all in good condition.

      "Five dollars up to maybe a hundred (dollars). Like a full kitchen set with chairs would be fifty dollars or so," said Stephanie Bordeaux, Manager.

      You can also find those small appliances and utensils needed for your kitchen. Every Friday, they give 20 percent discount to college students.