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      Furnishing your apartment on a budget

      It is no secret that college can be expensive. Between tuition, textbooks, room and board, there is little room for furnishing your apartment or dorm room.

      Decorating your new home does not have to break the bank. One option is Habitat Restore in Marquette.

      â??Furniture, couches, dining room tables, occasional tables, chairs, television sets, lamps, and lightsâ?? said Bob Howe, Restore director. â??You look around and there is a lot of furniture. Furniture is one of our big items.â??

      With new products coming in on a daily basis, you never know what you are going to find.

      â??It is a pretty generous communityâ?? said Howe. â??You look around the store at what we have and the quality of it, you would be amazed at the quality of what we have in here.â??

      Students get 10% off every day with a valid id. That is on top of the sales going on throughout the month.

      â??You are saving money, you are keeping stuff out of the landfill, and you are supporting a nonprofit: Marquette County Habitat for Humanity here in Marquette to build homesâ?? said Howe. So it is really a win-win for everybody.â??

      Another option is St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop.

      â??We sell a lot of furniture all year longâ?? said Stephanie Bordeaux, manager of St. Vincent de Paul. â??It kind of goes with what we receive and the donations that we get, but we are pretty lucky. We get furniture all year long. We obviously try to keep things for students at the beginning of the school year; a lot more desks and chairs and couches.â??

      The store checks all of the furniture donations for any tears or stains before selling it.

      â??We tell everybody that we reserve the right to not take it because we feel the customers deserve itâ?? said Bordeaux. â??Even though it is a thrift store, the customer deserves to have something decent.â??

      Like Habitat Restore, St. Vincent de Paul caters to students. With valid id, students can receive 20% off every Friday.

      â??You are on a budget and you get to have everything you want for a pretty good priceâ?? said Bordeaux.

      Both stores also give back to the community.