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      Furniture shopping on a college student budget

      So you've got a new place. Check!

      Next on your list is furniture, but you are on a budget. However, you can make it happen by searching for deals.

      We stopped at St. Vincent De Paul. Manager Stephanie Bordeaux says they offer used furniture at a huge discount.

      "Students sale every Friday. They get 20 percent off, so that's even a better deal. We also have days where furniture is half off and stuff like that. So you can get a couch for $20," said Bordeaux.

      You can find just about everything from sofas to dressers, TVs to storage bins. And don't forget your kitchen. You can get plates, cups, and pans.

      Next on the list, we searched for a bed at Shunks Clearance Center.

      "A lot of stores don't have a delivery program. We set them up for delivery. For college students, we give NMU and MTU student's discounts on items they pick up and have delivered. We carry a wide range of things. It constantly changes every week," said Shunk.

      You can even find a king size mattress for a hundred bucks, as well as desks, chairs, and futons.

      If that's over your budget, you can always stop at any local consignment shop like Elements Of. There's also Divine Consign, Goodwill, and Salvation Army.