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      Furry friends stay warm in winter

      The outdoors, wildlife and reading all came together Sunday in Marquette at the Moosewood Nature Center.

      Marquette children's author Carrie Pearson's new book, A Warm Winter Tail, was the centerpiece. The book is written as fiction and non-fiction for children and the family to enjoy. It's told from the animals' perspective on how they stay warm in the winter.

      "But it's told in a way that's sort of more poetic. It has some rhyming elements and alliteration, so there's a lot of language arts and science education value in the book," said Pearson.

      The NMU Wildlife Society was also giving kids a hands on experience, feeling the different animal hides to understand their differences. A Warm Winter Tail is available at Snowbound Books on Third Street in Marquette.