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      GACS: What to do?

      What to do with the Gwinn Elementary Schools was the main topic Friday at the Gwinn School Board meeting.

      Many community members in the Gwinn area came together to discuss all of the options. Superintendent Tufnell gave a presentation, informing the public of the budget and offering possible solutions.

      For Gwinn Area Community Schools, the 2013-2014 budget outlook suggests GACS will be carrying over a deficit of nearly $925,000 and is expected to receive almost $237,000 less in revenue.

      One option would be to move all students from Gilbert Elementary into Sawyer Elementary, fix Gilbert, then close down Sawyer, which would cost nearly $10 million.

      The second option is to move all students from Sawyer Elementary into Gilbert, fix Sawyer, and close Gilbert and would cost just over $15 million.

      The final option would be to build an entirely new elementary wing and add it to the high school and middle school complex, which would cost $23 million.

      "It's about time we take a stance and band together as a family, as a community," said Gwinn resident, Jamie Gollakner.

      "We've got two different issues here, and we need to decide to solve one problem before we get into another one. We have a budget problem that we need to fix, and there are a lot of other avenues that I don't see have been researched, that need to be researched," said Gwinn resident, Leesa Misterly.