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      Game night at the Calumet library

      The Calumet Library hosts a big game night every other month.

      Bananagrams and cribbage were the night's games of choice, but the library also offers Scrabble and Boggle for anyone interested. The event is sponsored by a group called Friends of the Calumet Public Library, and it's a volunteer group that promotes the library and helps raise money.

      "These are all in our mission statement to get more and more people to come in and be in our library," said Friends of the Library President, Phyllis Ramos. "We have this beautiful library, and there are people in our community who have never stepped foot in our library, so that's one of our objectives."

      Although the participants enjoy the games, the library says they also want to get more people involved and help them connect with one another. The library welcomes people of all ages to come out and enjoy the games, and they say if you don't know how to play a certain game, someone will be on hand to teach you.