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      Game on for NMU Dining Services

      Students at Northern Michigan University had a chance to taste some wild game ahead of hunting season at the annual harvest feast Thursday.

      NMU's Dining Services put together a menu full of wild game meats for the dinner. Wild boar, antelope, rabbit and of course venison were all available for the meal. Dining services also lined up live music and plenty of decorations for the event. Organizers hope students will use this as a lesson to try new foods

      "They'll move on in life when they leave NMU and they'll go eat somewhere else and they'll be a little more adventurous and hopefully they'll remember if they see antelope on a menu they'll be like, well the stuff at NMU was pretty good too," said Eric Moe, Operations Manager for the University Center Kitchen. "If anything it gives them a little bit of bragging rights to say that they've tried some different foods at the same time I think they're really enjoying it too."

      Dining Services is also entering the meal into a nationwide contest. Following the meal students were asked to fill out a brief survey and explain what they liked or didn't like about the meal.