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      Garbage service leaves resident's yard covered in trash

      One White Pine resident is upset because her trash hasn't been picked up in five weeks.

      Remy Jenney says she's paid a contractor to have her garbage hauled away, but her numerous calls to the company go unanswered. Meanwhile, her trash just piles up on the sidewalk in the front of her house.

      The collection company is called Stumpjumper Enterprises and it's based in Covington. Jenney says she's now filed a complaint about the situation with the Better Business Bureau.

      "By the third and fourth week I was getting pretty worried," said Jenney. "There's more animals around, you know, it's like every morning you have to pick up your yard because there's trash everywhere. There are bites in the bags and I'm seeing a lot of mice."

      TV6 made numerous attempts to contact Stumpjumpers, but there has been no response. White Pine officials in Carp Lake Township say it's the responsibility of the property owner to pay for their own trash service pickup.

      If your trash service is with Stumpjumper, the township recommends you switch to another service or take your current trash to the dump. In the meantime, the township says they're currently working on a contract with another trash service that should dispose of everyone's trash at a cheaper rate.