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      Gardeners take their pick at plant exchange

      Friday was a great day for gardeners in Harvey as they got together for a plant exchange.

      The plant exchange is an annual event that has been growing in popularity for years. It's organized by the Women's Club of Saint Louis of the King Church. The event is very social and community based. There's no obligation to bring or take any plants, but many bring extra plants from their gardens while others take their pick. There was a wide variety, from perennials to fruit plants. This year drew more than 40 people to the event.

      "It's a great day," said Mary Ann Bernier, co-president of the Women's Club.

      "Last year we were out here in the rain and cold so today being such a beautiful day was tremendous for us, so a very nice turnout."

      The plant exchange takes place every May outside Saint Louis of the King Church in Harvey.