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      Gas prices around nation slide

      The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. has dropped 3 1/2 cents over the past two weeks. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that the price fell to $3.69 because supplies are meeting demand. She predicts prices will continue to drop but at a moderate pace as crude oil prices remain relatively strong. Lundberg says the decrease comes after gas prices had climbed nearly 43 cents per gallon between February 7 and May 2. Of the cities surveyed in the Lower 48 states, Albuquerque, New Mexico, had the lowest price at $3.32 per gallon, and San Francisco had the highest at $4.17.===

      In Michigan, Triple A reports the price of gasoline is up 4.9 cents from a week ago. This makes the statewide average $3.75 for self serve regular.

      In the weekly regional report, the lowest price is in the Marquette region. This averages all of the Upper Peninsula gas stations, and comes out to $3.64 a gallon.

      On the other end, the highest price average in Michigan is the Ann Arbor region where it's running around $3.82 a gallon.

      In specific cities, as of Sunday Sturgis has the lowest price in the state at $3.34. Drummond Island is highest in Michigan at $4.10.

      Triple A expects prices to lower for the Memorial Day Weekend, provided there are no unexpected developments such as refinery problem or international events.