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      Gas prices continue to slowly drop

      Gas prices are slowly dropping, and not just in Michigan. According to the latest surveys, the national average for self serve regular gas is at $3.67 per gallon. The lowest price for gas in the US can be found in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area at $3.35 a gallon. The highest prices are in California, with San Francisco checking in at $4.12.

      Violence in Iraq is still impacting global oil prices. However, production in the southern regions of Iraq has been unaffected, easing the worry over supply. In addition, gas stockpiles in the US are on the rise, and wholesale prices are being cut thanks to suppliers passing along savings they get for crude oil.

      In Michigan, the statewide average mirrors the national average at $3.67 a gallon. The state is in the top ten list of states with the largest weekly decreases, down more than ten cents. Triple A reports the lowest regional prices are in Grand Rapids/Muskegon/Holland at $3.50 a gallon. The highest regional average is Marquette, covering all of the gas stations in the Upper Peninsula, at $3.76.

      The following are the latest Triple A regional reports:

      Ann Arbor $3.737 Benton Harbor $3.513 Detroit $3.749 Flint $3.578 Grand Rapids $3.502 Jackson $3.618 Lansing/E. Lansing $3.584 Marquette $3.769 Saginaw/Bay City/Midland $3.611 Traverse City $3.724