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      Gas prices driving you down? Here are some fuel-saving tips

      Slow down. It's the number one gas saver if you're feeling the sting of rising fuel costs, experts said.

      "Drive a little easier, no hard acceleration--when you can see that there's a stop coming ahead, let the car coast," said Fox Motors Technician Doug Young.

      Gas prices went up 10 to 20 cents in just two days, with the average price in the U.P. at $3.79 per gallon. And because many of our viewers said not driving is not an option, driving less is. On Facebook, many of you said you carpool to work or as Gary Angove wrote, "Combine errands."

      "We're trying to combine all the errands at one time when we come into Marquette; we're originally from the Big Bay area, so that's like 17 miles away," said motorist Paul Mosier.

      If you have more than one car, use the one with better gas mileage.

      "The heavier the car, the less fuel mileage it will get," Young said. "Usually the smaller cars are very streamlined, so that's one of their factors for better mileage."

      On Facebook, Jacki Parmer wrote, "We also own an SUV and a Malibu, so we take the Malibu whenever possible."

      Another tip? Keep the pressure in your tires, not in your wallet.

      "If they're too low, they're going to be harder for them to roll down the road. Once it gets up to the proper level, then the rolling becomes that much easier and, therefore, you save fuel," Young added.

      When you're fueling up, look for gas pumps that use Ethanol in their fuel; their price is usually cheaper. We looked into prices in Ontonagon gas stations that don't use Ethanol, and they're currently the highest in the U.P. at $4.09 per gallon.