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      Gas prices soar in Upper Michigan

      Across the Upper Peninsula, gas prices are taking off.

      Motorists can expect to pay anywhere from $3.69 a gallon to more than $3.80 for regular unleaded fuel.

      With this price hike, some motorists are having to adjust travel plans and make trips only when necessary.

      "I'm not going to be able to afford $4.50 a gallon," said motorist Stormy Collins. "I'm just going to have to park the car at home and only go out when necessity calls; no joy trips or anything, doctors appointments stuff like that. You won't be able to go anywhere unless you're crazy and want to spend all your money on gas, which I don't."

      The rise in price is due to the increase in oil costs which have been driven up due, in part, to the political unrest in the Middle East.