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      Gas station coming to K.I. Sawyer

      For the first time since 1995, Sawyer is going to have its own gas station.

      Josh Bahrman opened the Sawyer Service Center back in January, where he does various auto repairs and services. He made the decision to go into business for himself after a serious hand to hand combat injury forced him to permanently leave service in the Army.

      "I just wanted to get my own job. I wanted to get away from working for my dad. Got out of the Army in I wanted to do something for myself." said Bahrman.

      But now Bahrman is looking to expand his business to include something that Sawyer residents have sorely needed for years...a gas station.

      "They have to travel so far for gasoline. Either to Gwinn or all the way to Marquette. It's just not paying off for 'em. This is...this is gonna be a big help to the area." said K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum president Bob Vick.

      Business expansions are usually expensive, especially for small businesses. But Bahrman is getting some needed help from Marquette County through a special type of loan system called the Intermediary Re-Lending Program, or IRP. These are business loans from the county that are exclusive to the K.I. Sawyer area.

      "Those funds can be used for purchase of equipment, land acquisition, lease-hold improvements. There's some limitations but they can be used for some capital." Said Marquette County Administrator Scott Erbisch.

      Unfortunately for Sawyer, Bahrman's IRP has to be completed before the gas pumps can be set up. He estimates that the gas will be flowing by mid-August.

      In the meantime, he plans to put a convenience store area in his shop by the end of July. And from there, he only plans to do more.

      "Grow it. Get bigger. More...everything." said Bahrman.