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      Gearing up for the big race

      With the Ore To Shore bike race approaching, local shops have been hard at work making sure the bikes are in top form. The Quick Stop Bike Shop in Marquette will see more than 50 bikes come in to be repaired and tweaked.

      The repairs vary, based on how well the riders maintain their bikes. The Ore To Shore race is a little different than others in the area.

      "Just a little bit different set up for this race compared to other ones. We had the Bike Jam at the end of June, and that race was all single track; it's a lot rockier, a lot more of a technical trail," said Phill Ott, the owner of the Quick Stop Bike Shop. "This race doesn't have so much of that, so it's going to be a smoother, faster tire, possibly a little bit stiffer setup depending on how you ride."

      Quick Stop will also be open until 9 p.m. on Friday for riders to fit in those last minute bike repairs. The Ore To Shore race will begin this Saturday at 8 a.m.