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      Generous donation to Youth Ski Program

      Thanks to a generous donation from Roam, more children will have an opportunity to take free cross country skiing lessons. Roam donated $500 Sunday afternoon to the Valley Spur Youth Ski Program for ski equipment.

      Roam is a family of companies promoting adventure, tourism, and recreation in the Upper Peninsula.

      The Youth Ski Program provides both free skiing lessons and equipment for children interested in cross country skiing.

      "It's important for a company like Roam to keep children interested in outdoor activities," said Tom Dolaskie, President and CEO of Roam.

      "We're offering them an opportunity to be outside, to be athletic, active, and provide family fun," said Michelle Hach, ski instructor.

      The Valley Spur Youth Ski Program is funded entirely by donations. If you are interested in donating, signing your child up for lessons, or learning more about Roam, check out the link below.