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      Generous grandma donates flags to schools

      Holly Gurgall is a senior at Norway High School, and she and the rest of the students have only recently begun reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in class. The pledgeâ??s words are clear; those reciting are to pledge their allegiance to the flag, but that is exactly what was missing from many of the classrooms.

      Once the need for classroom flags was raised, someone very special came to Hollyâ??s mind: her grandmother, Ella. â??Iâ??m like, 'Oh my gosh! My grandma is the president of the auxiliary in Hermansville,â??â?? said Gurgell. â??I can probably get some flags!â??

      When Ella heard there was a need, she was determined to help out. â??My granddaughter called me the other day and she wanted to know where they could get some flags for the classroom and I said, well, just a minute. I got the book sitting right here, Iâ??ll look,â?? said Gurgall. â??I said, well, maybe I won't go through the auxiliary; grandma will just buy them!â??â??

      And buy them she did, some thirty flags, all from her own pocket. She and Holly are both active in the auxiliary, so for both of them, the Pledge is more than just words. â??Well, Iâ??ve been really active in there, and Iâ??ve got my granddaughters, they all belong to the auxiliary, too, and Holly, sheâ??s been a member for 11 years,â?? Gurgall said.

      Ella says she's doing this donation in memory and honor of her late husband who was a Korean War veteran. "All the flags we've done are in memory of him,â?? Gurgall said. Her hope is that students will not only be able to rightly say the Pledge now, but that they truly learn to understand it.