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      Get in line, it's taxes time

      It is tax season, and this year people fear that the government shutdown and changes in the new health care law and state tax credits will make things more complicated.

      Experts say last year's government shutdown may complicate your taxes this year.

      "The federal government shutdown last fall has caused the IRS to have to delay the opening of filing of tax returns to January 31 of this year," said Gigi Gordan of H&R Block.

      However, taxpayers are being told not to procrastinate. Being first in line may have a direct impact on your return.

      "Once your tax return is completed and you send it to be filed electronically, you get in line, in effect, at the IRS electronic door," Gordan added.

      As soon as that door opens, the IRS will process returns on a first-come,-first-serve basis. People are also concerned about Obamacare having an affect on their taxes, but Congress says don't worry about that.

      "The impact of the Affordable Care Act on tax returns really won't be seen until next year when people are preparing their tax returns for 2014," Gordan said.

      For people in Michigan, the most significant change is the tax rate has been lowered. Some people think that it will make a difference on your tax returns, but it probably won't because withholding was adjusted by most employers.

      For a list of tax credits available, click here.