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      Get Me Goin'

      To wrap up National School Breakfast week, one fourth grade class got up and danced while learning to eat properly.

      â??I usually go for a nice big bowl of cereal,â?? said Glykeria Economopoulos. â??I like to eat it with yogurt and maybe some fruit.â??

      Escanaba Upper Elementary students know the value of a healthy breakfast.

      â??I know theyâ??re good for me and theyâ??re healthy and they make me feel good and make me focus in school.â?? Economopoulos said.

      But, not all students do. So, the Jump with Jill program decided to take matters into their own hands. Jump with Jill is a rock and roll nutrition program that partners with the NFLâ??s Fuel Up to Play 60. It teaches kids the importance of being active and eating balanced meals to have more energy and do better in school.

      To recognize National School Breakfast week, Jump with Jill released a danceable music video, Get me Goinâ??. It teaches kids the importance of starting their day with a nutritious meal, and gives them fun, easy, eatable ideas. It also gets the kids out of their chairs and dancing.

      â??We did this cha cha dance kitchen thing where you had to dance to the moves she told you to do,â?? said Escanaba Upper Elementary student McKenna Bullen.

      The video was distributed to more than 2,500 Fuel Up to Play 60 schools throughout Michigan. Jump with Jill hopes the video will encourage more kids to start their day off right.

      And now, you, too, can learn the moves and watch the video!