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      Get scholarship applications in now

      If you're looking for some extra financial help for college, March is the time to apply for thousands of scholarships that are available.

      NerdScholar, a company aimed at helping students and parents with understanding college finances, recently conducted a study on private scholarships. In the study, NerdScholar found Michigan ranked third in the list of states with the largest pool of scholarship money at nearly $380,000. It was also found that the greatest amount of scholarship funds are awarded in March, when 25 percent of deadlines for scholarship applications occur.

      "As students realize that the time for them to be enrolling in college is drawing near, there might be a little bit more of an effort on the student's part to be looking for scholarships, once they realize how expensive everything is going to be," said Marquette Senior High School Counselor, Dan Bonsall.

      The Marquette Senior High School guidance office keeps an updated list of available scholarships in a file drawer for students to pick up at anytime.

      "I plan on signing up for as many as I can and, hopefully, get as much as possible," said MSHS senior, Lydia Kurin.

      Students may also receive any help they need for filling out the scholarships in the office.