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      Getting a tune-up on your snowblower

      Not everyone is ready to break out the hats, gloves, and shovels, but winter is coming, and itâ??s never too early to get a tune-up on your snowblower.

      Garrett Stromer from Abeâ??s Supply in Dodgeville said itâ??s important to change the oil and sparkplug every season and to make sure no parts have fractures.

      â??Carburetors, a lot of times, still need cleaning because theyâ??ve been sitting all through the summer months, and the hotter the weather, the harder it is for the carburetor,â?? said Stromer.

      Making sure the gas is good is essential, too, as gas containing ethanol will separate after 30 days. If youâ??re on the search for a new snowblower, knowing the size of the area you want to clear is key.

      â??It depends on what size driveway they have,â?? he explained. â??If they have a two-car, four-car, kind of give them an idea; like, the 24-inch cut is a common size. You donâ??t want to get them anything too big thatâ??s going to be hard to maneuver.â??

      And as for removing the snow on your roof? Depending on the type of roof you have, it could be best to call a professional.

      â??A flat roof, you can use a standard snowblower,â?? Stromer said. â??We donâ??t really recommend bringing a snowblower up on a pitched roof. There really isnâ??t one out there made for it.â??

      There are even snowblower accessories that can be found, like covers to stand under.

      However, should you decide to remove the imminent snow around your house, it's best to get a snowblower check-up sooner rather than later.

      â??We do recommend people getting their stuff done as soon as possible before the season, before the rush,â?? Stromer said. â??There is quite a rush at first snow.â??