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      Getting back on her feet

      "I was driving too fast on County O four blocks from home," said Marty Bishop as she talked about the accident that caused her truck to overturn.

      It's something that could happen to any of us, driving too fast and losing control of our vehicle, and it changed Marty's life forever.

      "I learned my lesson the hard way," Marty said tearfully. "Because now I'm paralyzed from the waist down."

      The single-vehicle accident broke Marty's back and left her in a wheelchair. It also left her and her husband, Scott, with no income, which prompted her friends and family to throw a fund-raiser Saturday afternoon with raffles for donated prizes.

      "They don't have a vehicle that she can use, so hopefully the money will start going for that and getting caught up on some of their bills," said Marilyn Bishop, Marty's mother in-law.

      Marty is currently staying in a nursing home undergoing physical therapy, after having already spent more than two months in the hospital after the June accident.

      The Bishops have applied for government aid, but they haven't received any yet, making it difficult to make ends meet and meet the needs of Marty.

      The Bishops said that they wouldn't be surviving at all if it weren't for the help of their friends and family.

      Therapy is going well for Marty, and she is already regaining some mobility on her left side, giving everyone hopes that one day she will walk again, but she's still got a long way to go. However, that doesn't deter her as she describes herself as being a "fighter".

      "I will not give up," she said. "I won't."

      Anyone interested in helping can make a donation at the First National Bank of Niagara to a trust in the name of "The Friends and Family of Marty Bishop."