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      Getting fit for the New Year?

      For many, the New Year means a new beginning with new goals. However, a large percentage of people set one thing at the top of their list: getting in shape.

      Michael Padalino says he use to be over 400 pounds. Now he's averaging close to 300, and every New Year he sets the bar higher, attempting to shed more of the weight. â??I don't have a weight goal set in mind, but I would like to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 200 pounds,â?? says Padalino. â??You have to think of it as a change in lifestyle altogether, not something you just do one day, but everyday.â??

      Anytime Fitness manager Brian Farley explains January is the busiest month at the gym. He believes the holiday season contributes to the gymâ??s high traffic because â??people eat and drink excessivelyâ?? and â??have a lot of extra calories coming in.â??

      He insists that the best way to keep up with a healthy New Yearâ??s resolution is by setting realistic goals.

      â??Itâ??s not going be something thatâ??s going to change in two weeks,â?? says Farley. â??You really need to be diligent, you need to put the time in, you really need to come to the gym, you need to watch what you eat. Stay confident and keep your eyes on the prize.â??