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      Getting in gear for Tour da Woods ninth year

      The ninth annual Tour da Woods Mountain Bike Challenge is fast approaching, and this year the prize amount has doubled.

      The first place man and woman riders in this year's race will bring home $1,000. That cash prize is for the Hiawatha's Revenge race which is a 25-mile track and is one of the Upper Peninsula's most challenging races. The Tour da Woods give riders a chance to challenge themselves as they get a view of Munising Bay and Hiawatha Forest.

      "The Hiawatha National Forest, as most people know, is a gorgeous area. You're going to go by some beautiful ponds and lakes and rivers and different types of trees, and hopefully you'll have time to watch it while you're speeding on by them on your bike," said Peggy Carberry of the Anna River Pedalers.

      There is a second race for more novice riders called the Red Deer Run. That race starts and ends across from Valley Spur.

      Hiawatha's Revenge starts at the Alger County Fairgrounds. Both races start at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Friday is the deadline for registration; the cost is $65, $30 for students.

      For more information on the Tour da Woods races, check out the event's website here.