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      Getting ready for grad party season

      Get the Mylar balloons and deli spreads out; it's time for graduation party season.

      â??We get really, really busy this time of year,â?? said Angeliâ??s Grocery employee, Cory Saigh. â??Pretty much all the departments, pretty much the whole store here in Iron River gets a lot of orders for our grad parties here.â??

      Perhaps you've already got your graduation party planned, but for those of you who are still looking for ideas, there are some quick ways to throw a great party. First: food. And if you're short on time, stores like Angelâ??s in Iron River have ready-made options

      â??Our deli department is really big with our cheese trays, fruit trays, and our meat trays. The bakery does really well with our cakes. Theyâ??re so busy this time of year,â?? Saigh said.

      Venue-wise, you can always have it at home, but in Iron County, places like the Windsor Center have rental spaces, but armories and other community centers work well, too. Another great way to add flair to your party is a banner. CJ Graphics in Kingsford has been helping graduates for over 20 years.

      â??For graduations, we do invitations, banners, signs,â?? said employee, Laura Johnson. â??If you need something that says congratulations, we can do that.â??

      Most banners start at around $65, and can be customized to include pictures, quotes, or anything the graduate would like.

      â??Itâ??s not too late to get them. We can get them for you if you need them for the weekend,â?? Johnson said.

      Most importantly, be safe and have fun during graduation season.