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      Getting your curves back at Curves

      Sue Weston has been going to the gym for five years, but it wasn't until the last nine months that she lost 84 pounds. That's because she tried Curves Complete Solution. "I just was worn out," said Sue Weston. "As soon as I started the program, after the first week I had so much more energy, I started redecorating rooms in my house." They start with setting up a personalized 1500 calorie meal plan. An instructor sits down with you to figure out what meals fit your lifestyle, your diet is laid out for you with recipes and shopping lists. "We evaluate your progress during the week. What you did right, what were your challenges, how can you attack those challenges in different ways and get through the ups and downs. We all have them," said Tina Baker, coach. The next step is coming in four times a week for a 30-minute workout. At each machine, you target a specific muscle group. You spend 30 seconds at each station strengthening your muscles increasing your metabolism and fat burn. Then, you jump over to a recovery board where you spend another 30 seconds keeping your heart rate up, allowing your muscles to recover. Continue that routine until you visit each machine and finish the entire rotation again.

      Participants say that the best part is getting to closely work with a coach. "You get that support, you get that coaching. Everybody's been through it. Exercise becomes fun and a way of life for you. It will change your life," Weston said. For more information, click here: