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      Giant snowman chills in Harvey

      No one likes shoveling snow, but at one Marquette County motel, they've found a way to make it fun for everyone.

      At the Marquette Motor Lodge in Harvey, residents have pitched in to create a giant snowman out of the snow from the motel's parking lot.

      The snowman stands around 25 feet tall and is drawing a lot of attention.

      "We've had people that look like travelers, out of state plates, doing laps around, taking pictures and stuff," said Michael Guenther, a snowman builder. "We're hoping that the kids will really enjoy it, that's the big thing. Maybe the kids will come out and check it out, you know, a little holiday drive, and that would be great."

      It took several weeks to build and should be completed Wednesday complete with eyes that light up.

      Those creating this monster plan on making an even bigger snowman next year.